Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Which EEA national authorities have RSS feeds?

In a previous post I explored how RSS can be useful to regulatory professionals. However, this is only as useful as the availability of RSS feeds. Although it is clear that not all regulatory authorities provide RSS feeds, it is interesting to note that most national authorities in the EEA do publish them. For this reason, I thought it would be helpful to share those news feeds which I have found on authority web sites in the EEA.

Below is a table which lists the national authorities in the EEA, together with links to both their web sites and their RSS Feeds.

Many of the authorities included in this list publish more than one RSS news feed. For the purposes of compiling this list, only one feed for each authority has been included. The general news feeds have been chosen where possible.

If you are aware of any other RSS feeds provided by regulatory authorities in the EEA, in addition to the list above or those shared on the mash-up previously mentioned, please share them by means of commenting on this blog.

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