Friday, 20 March 2015

Are you missing the old MHRA web site? (updated)

You have probably noticed that the MHRA have moved their web site from their dedicated site ( to be part of the UK government’s main site ( The MHRA’s new home page can be found at the following address.
However, it is still possible to see archived versions of the old web site (snapshots in time) dating from 2003 to January 2015 on the UK’s National Archives. Furthermore, there are archived versions of the predecessor site, for the Medicines Control Agency (MCA), dating back as far as 2002. Links to these archives are provided below.
UPDATE 28 May 2015: It appears that the archiving of the above websites has been disabled and the snapshots of the web pages are mostly no longer available. Such is the ever-changing nature of the world wide web.

It is worth noting that parts of the old MHRA web site are still alive (see examples below). However, it is possible that these won’t remain there.
Snapshots of some of the MHRA’s web pages for their old site may also be found on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.